December 2021 Newsletter


Sunday School, 10:00; Sunday Worship Service 11:00 AM


Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

As we once again move toward the Holiday Season, I want to take just a moment to encourage you to pause and consider just how good God has been to you over this past year.

While there have been many challenges for us, as well as the entire world over the past many months, God is still good!  Once again, we are reminded of the fragility of life and that we should do our best to value our loved ones.


          There is nothing in the world like Christmas.  It’s the most wonderful part of the year.  It is time to celebrate the Christ child, the Prophet, Jesus, our Savior, Jesus, and our Messiah, Jesus.  From His beginning to leaving of this earth, His presence has been so very important and magnificent to every person ever born to this world.   Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forevermore.  He is all things to all people.  HIS IMPORTANCE to us will never change.

       Time and normality as we know it is changing and quick.  The one thing that has not changed is Jesus Christ and Him crucified and His resurrection, His Holy Word (the Bible), His Father, His Spirit, the Holy Ghost.   Nothing will ever change this about life and life hereafter.

       We all know what evil is, but today evil takes on a brand- new look.  Never in my lifetime has evilness been as brazen, increasing with gladness, wanting to hurt, wanting to kill and destroy as it is today.  It sounds like Satan is winning the fight on this earth.   I have to ask this question, “Why?”   Is it because I don’t do something I should, or am I leaving out the good and still letting the darkness in my heart?  The kind of darkness no one else knows about but you and Satan so we might think.   There’s nothing that gives Satan more enjoyment than to show God what I think or am doing in the recesses of my mind and heart.  Don’t forget he is the “accuser.”   He stands before God with all our sin telling God or showing God everything he can think of against you and me.  Satan LOVES to do this.......BUT when Jesus was born, Satan’s troubles began and when Jesus went to the cross for the sins of every person who has ever been created or ever will be, SATAN WAS AND IS NOT ONLY DUMB FOUNDED BUT KNOWS HE IS THE BIGGEST “LOSER” IN ALL HUMANITY!   So what can he do to us, speaking of God’s children?  Nothing!  Only if we shove God aside and sin, then we have cracked the door just a little so Satan can slide into our lives.  Do we still sin after our salvation?  Yes.   Well, what happens then?  The Holy Spirit takes over and shows me I must come out of my sin by repenting to my Savior, Jesus and making life “right” with Jesus.  He is never going to the cross again.  Never.   Once is enough to take care of all God’s children.

You see, there is absolutely nothing our God cannot do.  Jesus is the answer to every problem, every need and every prayer any of us have.

       There is so much to be thankful for.  There is so much to praise God for.  To worship and praise the Trinity will bring blessings and answers to us.  After all, God is so worthy to be praised.

       This Christmas let us not put so much importance on having a Christmas dinner and opening presents, instead let us think on our God and His presence.  OUR GOD REIGNS FOREVER.

          Ladies Luncheon @ Cracker Barrel November 13, 2021                         





Piano Recital November 21, 2021                            Women’s Hope Banquet November 4, 2021