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Christmas at Purpose



                                                                         OUT WITH OLD SIN, IN WITH OUR SAVIOR


Matthew 1:21 “And she (Mary) will bear a Son, and you shall call His name JESUS, for it is He who will save His people from their sins.”

          I don’t know about you, but as for me, I am so glad to see the year 2021 leaving.  It’s been a rough year for a lot of people...just about all of us in one way or another.  This year has proven itself to be full of unexpected trials, death to some of our parishioners, sickness for others.  High grocery bills, high gas prices for our cars, and natural gas.  It has brought about an absence of worshipers in the churches (for fear of Covid), crime in our streets raising death by murder to extremes.  We have seen people stealing everything they can get their hands on, setting fires completely tearing down businesses with no regard for those who have their life savings invested.  Trying to do away with Policemen and women who risk their lives daily and have been treated like whipped beaten dogs, never knowing if they will go home to their families today.  A Government that refuses to put people in jail and leave them there, instead, letting them out with low or no bail regardless of their crimes.  We have watched our borders being completely overrun by people who have not been vetted.  Some have brought more Covid into our land, and this is not all they are bringing.  We can watch in the near future, gangs, terrorists, more murders, thieves, pedophiles, rapists, and God only knows what else.

          In my humble opinion, there is only one thing we can do and that is to hold on to Jesus and repent of our own sins and pray, pray, pray. If our Father does not intervene in the troubles of this world, and “our” world meaning Opelika and surrounding areas, we will be hard-pressed to take care of ourselves, our children, our elderly parents, neighbors and etc.  I do believe prayer is the answer.  We can no longer sit and watch TV or talk on the phone.  We must become Prayer Warriors and take a stand meaning a devout Spiritual stand and know that we know where we are within our own hearts to be effective to bring other people into the Kingdom of God.  We need the Holy Ghost fire running through our veins.

          Jesus went to the cross for all of us, but there will always be those who will not and do not want to be a part of who Christ is.   After all, our lives are all about Him, not you nor I.  Life is decisions we make that will carry each of us to our destiny.  Will it be Life, or will it be Death?  Those who have chosen death have no understanding.   They cannot “get it”.  We can see it by watching public figures who seem to have NO COMMON SENSE!  That’s not the problem.  They have no Spiritual sense.  We, as children of God, must pray for them in hopes God will give them understanding before it’s too late for them. So let God’s love and our love flow to others this coming year.  Let’s plan on having a good, happy year.   God bless each of you.  God goes before you, Jesus is beside you, and the Holy Spirit is in you.  MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.  GOD BE WITH YOU.